Hi, I’m Andreas Rosland. I’m originally from Norway. After some brief years in Cebu in the Philippines, I have been living in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico since 2017. But why do live in Mexico? Originally it was only for the fantastic weather and the extraordinary cave-diving opportunities. But after I meet my girlfriend and soul mate, Romy, in the spring of 2019 it would be impossible(or at the very least extremely stupid) to leave.

I go cave-diving 2-3 days a week. That means about 7-10hours in the caves weekly for a normal week, and then I add to that when I have the time off work and can go diving every day. I don’t teach cave diving or guide for money so all my dives are what my active instructor and guide friends call “fun dives”. What are your qualifications so I know where you are coming from?

  • CMAS *** Instructor
  • GUE Tech2 diver
  • GUE Cave2 diver
  • GUE DPV Cave diver

Since I don’t work with diving anymore, what do I do to pay for all that diving? I work 100% remotely as a Linux System Administrator for the Norwegian tech company Copyleft Solutions. So I’m also very interested in new technologies. I love working with and designing monitoring systems like Prometheus and other interesting, new, and best of breed open source technologies. But on this site, I will mostly write about cave-diving, and touch on relevant technologies like photogrammetry. And how you can use this technology to help scientists understand more about our prehistoric world.