My favorite podcasts I often listens to podcasts. When I’m working, when I’m driving my truck and especially when I walk the dog. I have listed the good ones here for your convinience. Fantastic story telling Deep Cover: The Drug Wars Cautionary Tales Against the Odds Slow Burn (season 1,2 and 4, 5 i didn’t particularly care for season 3, but I never was a big hip-hop fan) How it Happend Bag Man Caliphate Against the Rules Rabbit Hole Bunga Bunga Politics FiveThirtyEight Politics Checks and Balance - From The Economist News Axios Today Global News Podcast What Next Linux and computers Linux unplugged Linux Action News Coder radio The Mike Dominick Show Ubuntu Podcast The new show (User Error) Norwegian Aftenpodden Teknisk sett Dagsnytt 18 True Crime Serial Diving Speaking Sidemount Misc 1619 On the Metal: Episode 6 Making sense with Sam Harris: Engineering the Apocalypse After on: Detecting Disease Outbreaks from Internet Traffic